Breaking the Seal

Here I am breaking the seal of my very first blog post. I still can’t quite put my finger on why I have decided to start doing this. As I sit here at my desk (wide awake at 11:42 at night) I look around and see there is so much I could be doing right now. Studying for my test, organizing something, cleaning something else….and yet here I am 🙂 With already not enough time in my day, I am now choosing to add another task.

I want to share my life with those of you that want to be apart of it. Whether you’re at work, or at home (wide awake late at night like me) I appreciate you deciding to spend your time reading what I have to say.

My intention of this blog is not the typical advice giving, “this is how to live perfectly” kind of blog. I am simply going to tell you how I do things in my life. Along the way I will share what works and what doesn’t, plenty of interesting stories, and my goals, plans, and dreams. If there are tips and tricks you want to apply to your life that’s fantastic. At 23 years old I feel that I am more in a position of a student then the teacher 😉 I hope to open the doors of communication between all you great bloggers and blog readers. I desire more than anything to grow into a better person with this experience.

So let’s see where this takes me…


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